Tuesday, December 12th, 2017

I’m sure that everyone agrees that this is a fantastic time for buyers, and that definitely applies to mountain communities like Big Canoe. Prospective buyers this year are asking if we have any “great deals”. Absolutely we do, tons of them, but too often people are really expecting a “steal,” not a “deal”.   In Florida and some […]

  Several examples of these very unusual trees, which are also know as bent trees, can be found throughout the Big Canoe community and other areas of North Georgia.  Their dramatic shapes start out with a vertical trunk that turns horizontally, at a fairly uniform height above the ground, with a prominent nose-like feature protruding […]

Bavarian Brats, Warsteiner beer, and a lively Oom Pah Pah band were the featured fare for hundreds who gathered at a breezy Oktoberfest last Saturday in the heart of the Big Canoe Community. This annual event that officially introduces Fall in the north Georgia mountains grows larger every year and is one of Big Canoe’s most popular activities. And admission is free!   All you do is buy a couple of strings of […]

Water, Water Everywhere In Big Canoe’s Lakes For the past three years, local newspapers and TV stations have been running stories and photos of North Georgia lakes with 10-20 feet of ugly reddish-brown shorelines exposed and dock pilings suspended over drought-parched lake bottoms.  By contrast, Big Canoe’s lakes, Petit, Sconti and Disharoon, have receded a scant 10-15 inches so far this year.  Our three […]

So, you’re dying to escape the city and move to Big Canoe, Bent Tree or other stress-free communities in the North Georgia Mountains, but darn it, how can you live in paradise and still earn a living?  All it takes is some research to find what needs are not being met in the community, and a little ingenuity and creativity […]