Monday, December 11th, 2017

A Perfect Time for Deals (not Steals) in Big Canoe!

I’m sure that everyone agrees that this is a fantastic time for buyers, and that definitely applies to mountain communities like Big Canoe. Prospective buyers this year are asking if we have any “great deals”. Absolutely we do, tons of them, but too often people are really expecting a “steal,” not a “deal”.  

In Florida and some other parts of the country, home prices skyrocketed at a rate of 30-40% per year for several years in a row, and a lot of those homes were bought by speculators looking to make a killing.  Some of these same homes are now selling for 50% of their previous inflated values, and qualified buyers are bragging about the steals they’re getting.  By contrast, home prices in Big Canoe were never inflated by 30-40%/year.  Prices here averaged a healthy appreciation of 6-8% per year until they began to flatten out in 2007.

In the current market climate, buyers can definitely benefit from some excellent values (deals) in Big Canoe homes for sale in all price ranges. Based on FMLS data this week, most of the homes on the market have been reduced at least once, and sales prices have ranged on average from 7% to 20% below the list prices. Contrary to some exaggerated figures that are being thrown around, there has been a really small number of foreclosures or short sales (possible steals) in Big Canoe this year.  

Fully Furnished Home in Big Canoe--A Real DEAL

Fully Furnished Home in Big Canoe for $299,000--A Real DEAL

So, buyers, come on up! The weather is wonderful, and the mountain fall colors are more gorgeous every day. If you’re looking for an elegant new full time home with a magnificent view, a charming condo overlooking the golf course, or an adorable fully furnished cabin nestled beside a musical creek, we have the deals you’ve been waiting for. You can celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas in the mountains of idyllic Big Canoe. Or, you can just wish you had. Call us, we’ll take you on a Deals Tour. What a deal!

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One Response to “A Perfect Time for Deals (not Steals) in Big Canoe!”
  1. Nancy Barr says:

    Great article. Moving to Big Canoe 3 years ago was the best “deal” we could have made ….. quality of life cannot be measured in dollars. We live our days surrounded by the peace of the mountains, hearing nothing but the leaves rustling, seeing a large buck standing outside the bedroom window in the morning or a doe and twin fawns walking through the yard, the vibrant fall colors and crisp air, beautiful scenery in every direction. What price can we put on that?

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