Wednesday, January 17th, 2018

Market fluctuations, economic downturn, housing slump, credit crunch, mortgage meltdown and financial crisis are just some of the terms we are hearing ad nauseam. With history as a barometer, the encouraging news is . . . it’s just a matter of time before real estate takes an upswing again. In the meantime, you’re likely adjusting your strategy to deal with today’s challenges. Here are some […]

  Several examples of these very unusual trees, which are also know as bent trees, can be found throughout the Big Canoe community and other areas of North Georgia.  Their dramatic shapes start out with a vertical trunk that turns horizontally, at a fairly uniform height above the ground, with a prominent nose-like feature protruding […]

EVERYTHING, especially when you live in or are visiting the incredibly beautiful Big Canoe Community in the North Georgia Mountains. People ask: “where did the name ‘Big Canoe’ come from?”  Well, it was the name selected in the community- naming contest conducted by the original developer, Cousins Properties, in the early 1970’s. The story goes that […]

Residents living in the awe-inspiring beauty of Big Canoe, nestled in the verdant mountains of North Georgia, not only enjoy a stress-free life, they also experience less stress knowing their health and safety are a high priority of this resident-centered community. While showing property in Big Canoe to real estate clients, we’re often asked: “How […]

If you believe the mostly negative media reports, you might feel a bit like “Chicken Little” if you’re considering buying real estate now, including in Big Canoe, GA. However, if you carefully examine the data below, you’ll see that right now is actually an ideal time to buy, particularly a resale home. While the real […]