Monday, December 11th, 2017

Big Canoe “Dinners for Eight” Are Great Fun and Build Lasting Friendships

Without a doubt, the most rewarding and fun thing we’ve done during the 7 years we’ve lived in the Big Canoe community is to participate in the Dinner for Eight groups. We signed up for our first group in the summer of 2002, and by now we have 108 great friends we got to know through this fun activity alone! The number of people we met grew quickly because there are three opportunities each year to join with six others and have dinners, brunches, picnics or whatever once a month for four months.

A Dinner Table Set for Eight!

When we were Big Canoe newbies, we thought it would be a great way to get acquainted with a few people–we were hooked after our first group. Kudos to Dick and Martha Elkins, who manage to organize the groups so that it’s rare to be paired with someone whose been in any of your previous groups.

Creative Theme Meals

Leave it to fun-loving Big Canoers to come up with creative things to do when they get together. Although food is always the centerpiece, Dinner Eight activities include brunches, picnics, trips to local restaurants, pontoon boat moonlight dinner cruises, tailgate parties before a game or concert, and meals built around ethnic food or a special theme.

Mystery Night Cast

Our most memorable occasion was the Mystery Night Dinner theme we used for one of our groups. We sent advance information to each member giving just a hint of the mystery that the eight of us would participate in and have to solve. Each person was assigned a role and asked to dress for the part–the setting was a Chicago hotel during Prohibition in the 1920s. As you can see from the photo, everyone rose to the occasion, arriving with perfect costumes and appropriate props. With the help of scripts and vivid imaginations, we all stayed in role, even during the meal, until the case was solved. We had a ball, and everyone in that group has remained very close friends.

Another Fantastic Dinner for Eight

A Newcomer Must

We always suggest to our clients moving into Big Canoe that they get involved with Dinners for Eight as soon as possible. There’s no better or fun way to meet new people quickly, and it’s likely that they will be on your long list of special Big Canoe friends forever.

If you have any neat ideas for Dinner for Eight variations or themes, please let us know. Variety is what really spices up the dinner!


3 Responses to “Big Canoe “Dinners for Eight” Are Great Fun and Build Lasting Friendships”
  1. Lynn Brazen says:

    Very cute, Margo. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Betty and charley Haendel says:

    Margo & Peter,

    Thank you for sending us the blog.

    We also toured your entire website. What at GREAT site you have. It is wonderful. The tour of Big Canoe with the music is breathtaking!

    We signed up for your e-mails.

    You are both very talented people.

    Betty & Charley Haendel

  3. Karin Elliott says:

    Hi Margo,
    Loved the Dinner 8 blog and pictures too! Ever since I moved here I wanted to join. After 3 years of settling in, I guess it’s about time, isn’t it??
    If cooking isn’t your thing but you still enjoy a good meal, there is also a group for the parents of young children that meet at the Chapel on Wednesday nights for dinner. It’s called Family Fellowship Night and babysitting is provided. The kids get to play games in the basement while the parents mingle. I think the cost is around $10 per family.

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