Monday, December 11th, 2017

Big Canoe Lakes Always Full Of Water

Water, Water Everywhere In Big Canoe’s Lakes

For the past three years, local newspapers and TV stations have been running stories and photos of North Georgia lakes with 10-20 feet of ugly reddish-brown shorelines exposed and dock pilings suspended over drought-parched lake bottoms.  By contrast, Big Canoe’s lakes, Petit, Sconti and Disharoon, have receded a scant 10-15 inches so far this year. 

Big Canoe Lake Petit Is Still Almost Full Pool In Fall, 2008

Our three man-made lakes are spring fed and quite deep, and they are privately owned by the Big Canoe Community, and not under the control of the Corps of Engineers.  Luckily, we don’t have to share our precious water with Florida, Atlanta or any other communities. Lake Petit supplies our drinking water, and  our stocked trout and bass don’t have to compete for water with endangered snail darters or oysters in neighboring states!

Granted, our pristine lakes are small (Lake Petit is 110 acres) as compared with Lake Lanier, Alatoona and Arrowhead, only small electric motors are allowed on our waters, and there are no docks to mar our shorelines. Most of us are thrilled about that, because it means that Big Canoe is always peaceful and serene, just the way we want it. The ideal boating experience for us and our friends is a sunset wine and cheese cruise meandering in and out of picturesque coves with the surrounding mountains reflecting in the water. The only sounds that interrupt the tranquillity of that scene are resident Canadian Geese begging for the stale bread we bring along for their dinner. Some residents share ownership of pontoon boats, or boats can be rented at the Fitness Center for a mere $45 for a half day of pure bliss! Canoes are also available for rent, and you’ll occasionally see a fiberglass or inflatable kayak silently gliding by.

Big Canoe Waterfront Properties?? No Worries

Just imagine purchasing your dream home, complete with a deep water dock on a lovely mountain lake, and then finding that your dock and boat are high and dry, your water view resembles a moonscape, and the value of your property has taken a huge plunge. Sadly, this is all too common in recent years at Lake Lanier, and many other North Georgia lakes.  If you’ve been wanting a waterfront property or a lake view, don’t worry, there are Big Canoe homes for sale with idyllic lake and mountain views, and you can count on our lakes having lots of water any time of year.

Lake Petit's Eagle Island at Full Pool

Lake Petit's Eagle Island in Spring

If you have any questions about Big Canoe or North Georgia Mountain real estate (lake property or otherwise), we’ll be happy to help.

Peter and Margo Vallone


3 Responses to “Big Canoe Lakes Always Full Of Water”
  1. Ainsley Sahai says:

    How beautiful the lakes look, and with the autumn colours it is even more picturesque.

    Ainsley Sahai
    Barbados, West Indies

  2. Chad Lariscy says:


    Beautiful Post…..and the pictures are incredible! I am very sad to say this having lived in the Georgia Mountains all of my life, but I didn’t even know Big Canoe had 3 lakes….and the fact that they remain full or close to full in such a drought is all the better. Thanks for sharing with us a little bit of your Heaven here on Earth!


  3. Awesome blog post, Margo!
    I think that the lakes really are the magic up here. All the homes are hidden so you sometimes feel like you have the whole lake to yourself. My FAVORITE part is that there are NO JET SKIS!!!

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