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Big Canoe Oktoberfest Ushers in Fall Season

Oom Pah Pah Band Entertaining at OktoberFest

Oom Pah Pah Band Entertains at Big Canoe Oktoberfest

Bavarian Brats, Warsteiner beer, and a lively Oom Pah Pah band were the featured fare for hundreds who gathered at a breezy Oktoberfest last Saturday in the heart of the Big Canoe Community. This annual event that officially introduces Fall in the north Georgia mountains grows larger every year and is one of Big Canoe’s most popular activities. And admission is free!  

All you do is buy a couple of strings of $1 tickets to purchase a great selection of mostly German-style food and beer from several local restaurants set up at one end of the play field. Food lines were long at times, but that gave people more time to visit with friends and neighbors while keeping time with the polka music in the background.
Large Crowd Wanders Through 60 Vendors' Displays

Large Crowd Wanders Through 60 Vendors' Displays

About 60 vendors displayed a great variety of high-quality merchandise–jewelry, baby clothing, pottery, wall art, photography, floral arrangements, furniture–under wind-buffeted tents.  We couldn’t pass up the opportunity to check a few early Christmas gifts off our list. It took a couple of hours to circle the small field and visit all the vendors because we stopped constantly to chat with more friends and admire their kids or grandchildren and, of course, to admire and pet the four-legged family members. Speaking of four-legged critters, there were a number of adorable ones, being escorted by volunteers from the Big Canoe animal Shelter, looking for families to adopt them.

WOW. What a totally perfect day it was! We’ve been attending Big Canoe Oktoberfests since 1999, and they get bigger and better every year, and that holds true for so many great events in the Big Canoe Community. Oh yes, in case you’re wondering, the leaves are wearing their fall palate now, and we expect the peak color weeks in the North Georgia mountains to be from the last part of October through the first couple of weeks in November. If you’d like to experience that awesome sight for yourself, and you’d like to know about Big Canoe homes for sale, give us a call and come on up!  

2008 Big Canoe Oktoberfest--Biggest & Best Ever!

2008 Big Canoe Oktoberfest--Biggest & Best Ever!

Margo Vallone



One Response to “Big Canoe Oktoberfest Ushers in Fall Season”
  1. Hi Guys,
    Sounds like your day was much more leisurly than mine. I had 2 very over tired kiddies in tow! We spent a good amount of time at the Big Canoe Animal Rescue. I love all those pups! Too bad we have a “No Vacancy” sign!!
    It’s a great place to volunteer.
    Looking forward to Trunk or Treat now!!

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