Monday, December 11th, 2017

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Take A Springtime Walk On The Trails of Big Canoe

You’ll have no doubt that spring has arrived if you take a  stroll on any of Big Canoe’s 18, count them, walking trails. There are hiking, walking and biking trails to fit every trail-blazer taste, from single-file natural footpaths to paved paths wide enough for walkers, runners and bikers.  The common denominator among the trails is that they all bless you with the natural... [Read more]

Where Can You Find Enjoyable Golf “FORE” Everyone?… at BIG CANOE!

The picturesque mountain lakes community of Big Canoe in North Georgia offers numerous amenities including a 27-hole golf course. Property owners in this beautiful pristine paradise can enjoy playing golf socially with old and new friends, as well as participate in several organized golf outings and tournaments. Also, membership and greens fees are reasonable. The professional golf course, designed... [Read more]

Is This A Good Time To Buy Real Estate in Big Canoe or Other North Georgia Mountain Communities?

We’re all too familiar with the following media sound bites . . . credit crunch, plummeting economy, market meltdown and changes in the financial landscape. We’re confident, it’s just a matter of time before the real estate market takes an upswing again. Many economists expect the economy will bottom out and start expanding later this year.  In the meantime, you may want to adjust... [Read more]

Tennis Anyone? Big Canoe’s the Place!

If you like playing tennis or would like to learn how to play the game, Big Canoe is the place for you! Our tennis facilities feature 10 courts (with more to come) for you to enjoy singles or doubles tennis. There are lighted indoor and outdoor courts as well as both hard surface and clay surface courts.  Big Canoe Tennis Courts You can participate in social tennis or more competitive USTA... [Read more]

Where to Retire? Big Canoe, Of Course!

One day last month, instead of deleting all 100 of the forwarded e-mails I receive daily, I deleted 99, and kept one. It was titled “Where To Live After Retirement,” and it highlighted about fifteen different places in the country and then listed below each several reasons why you wouldn’t want to retire in any of these places. While reading through this rather amusing list,... [Read more]