Monday, December 11th, 2017

Buyer Referrals in Big Canoe

Do we appreciate referrals?  ABSOLUTELY. . .You Bet We Do!  Buyer referrals are the life blood of anyone in the business of selling.  This is particularly true for Realtors during the market shift (housing downturn/ correction period) we’re currently experiencing. We Realtors sincerely appreciate receiving referrals to potential buyers or sellers from former clients, friends and relatives. A good realtor, including one who reside in the idyllic mountain lakes community of Big Canoe  fully understands that the privilege of receiving a referral must be “earned” through professionalism, integrity, superb service and lots of hard work throughout each transaction and relationship-building experience. When we receive a referral from a former client, it serves as a testimonial (third party endorsement) and builds instant credibility with the potential new customer.  Another significant benefit is derived by satisfying the referred client’s needs and wants. That is, we make a new friend and potentially gain exposure to the new client’s network of friends and acquaintances.  It has been said: “we all know at least 200 people” and if a client is unhappy with the service they receive, they may tell 10% of those acquaintances. If, on the other hand, a client is extremely pleased with the service and results they received, they may tell only one other person. We strive to do whatever it takes to get that one referral, because, one by one, we are cultivating a base of satisfied customers who hopefully will consider us to be their “Realtors for life.”  In the real estate world, it doesn’t get any better than that!  We’re also interested in receiving your comments and suggestions re building referral networks. We value your input! Feel free to visit our website at or email the Vallones.


Peter and Margo Vallone
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