Wednesday, January 17th, 2018

  Several examples of these very unusual trees, which are also know as bent trees, can be found throughout the Big Canoe community and other areas of North Georgia.  Their dramatic shapes start out with a vertical trunk that turns horizontally, at a fairly uniform height above the ground, with a prominent nose-like feature protruding […]

So, you’re dying to escape the city and move to Big Canoe, Bent Tree or other stress-free communities in the North Georgia Mountains, but darn it, how can you live in paradise and still earn a living?  All it takes is some research to find what needs are not being met in the community, and a little ingenuity and creativity […]

Hi everyone. Peter and I are back home after a fabulous trip to the great state of Alaska in the company of 10 other folks from Big Canoe! When we spontaneously decided we wanted to go on an Alaskan cruise, we contacted a dear friend, Betty Haendel, who, with her husband, Dr. Charley Haendel, own an adorable part time […]

Music, dancing and laughter permeated the comfortable August evening at The Terraces outdoor amphitheater as Big Canoe residents and friends were treated to a musical evening featuring the Big Canoe Musicians Consortium.  Their “Rock and Roll Review” swept the audience of over 300 back through the 50s to the 70s with a lively assortment of sing-alongs and, dance-alongs that enticed the […]

Without a doubt, the most rewarding and fun thing we’ve done during the 7 years we’ve lived in the Big Canoe community is to participate in the Dinner for Eight groups. We signed up for our first group in the summer of 2002, and by now we have 108 great friends we got to know through this fun […]