Monday, December 11th, 2017

What’s in A Name in the Big Canoe Community?

EVERYTHING, especially when you live in or are visiting the incredibly beautiful Big Canoe Community in the North Georgia Mountains.

People ask: “where did the name ‘Big Canoe’ come from?”  Well, it was the name selected in the community- naming contest conducted by the original developer, Cousins Properties, in the early 1970’s. The story goes that one of the employees suggested the name after noticing a rather large canoe and that’s what stuck. Most residents still have a fondness for the name.

Picturesque Lake Petit and the Mountains of Big Canoe

Picturesque Lake Petit

In addition to a published Big Canoe Atlas, professionally prepared utilizing the GPS navigational system,  is accurate to within inches, for every street address in its various neighborhoods. Those sections are conveniently named to help you locate a house or lot.  Most neighborhoods within Big Canoe have street names in theme groupings. To name just a few, there is Shetland Trace, Hunters Trace, Yearling Lane and The Paddock in the Equestrian neighborhood. 

Streets with bird names, including Canada Geese, Wood Duck Way, Green Herron and Woodpecker Way, are located around Lake Petit. Humorous names of small animals,  Little Beaver Run, Lone Wolf Trail, Crazy Bear Ridge and Laughing Fox Knoll help identify the section near Indian Rocks Park. As a last example, streets that border Nature Valley have tree names like Dogwood Lane, Chestnut Oak Point, Shaggy Maple Lane, and Pine Knoll. 

Picturesque Covered Bridge in Big Canoe

Picturesque Covered Bridge in Big Canoe


Whether in a bird, a flower or a tree neighborhood there is a single word that applies to all of Big Canoe homes and lots . . . that word is “idyllic”.

If you would like to tour Big Canoe and its variety of neighborhoods, give us a call at 706-268-6426 or    email us at


8 Responses to “What’s in A Name in the Big Canoe Community?”
  1. Chief Editor says:

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  2. Hi Peter and Margo,
    After our first trip into Big Canoe we had a good time making up names of the streets because they way off from “Hill Street” or “Grand Avenue”. The first time we hear about Wolfscratch Village we cracked up! Now I’m paying the piper because I live on Trout Lily Trail!! After living here so long it all kicks in that Big Canoe is truly a place where you don’t have to take everything so seriously. There are also some very clever house names too! One of my favorite is on Cinamon Fern called “the Bun”!!!

  3. Ange says:

    Peter and Margo:
    Great job! Very interesting info about the names used for Big Canoe. They are surely unique and I, like others, enjoyed a big laugh about them.
    All The Best,

  4. Jan Schulte says:

    It’s fabulous… it!

  5. Jack Minski says:

    Greetings Peter & Margo,

    Informative, picturesque, and perfect!!

    Good Selling,

    Jack & Beth

  6. Marie Loscavio says:

    I love the name Big Canoe! It is so different from other communities!

  7. Don Powichroski says:

    Enjoyed the write-up. I especially liked the photos. Carol and I feel blessed to be living in a place like this.

  8. Alice Eachus says:

    Wow, Peter and Margo, I didn’t know Big Canoe was named by some guy just glancing around and spotting a big canoe! You can only imagine what it could have been!

    Ummm…Big Pine, Big Log, Big Man, Big Lake, Big Mouth(bass)…the possibilities are endless, but I’m glad our community is known as Big Canoe, that’s for sure! What a great place!

    I’m doing a story for Smoke Signals about house names next month – know of any good ones?

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